Maru Zapatero

Artista y gestora cultural

María Eugenia Zapatero is an Argentine Artist and Cultural Manager. In 2009 she graduated from the University of Buenos Aires, a psychology faculty, after taking a trip she became interested in the visual arts and began with a painting workshop given by Verónica Viñas and a drawing workshop given by Sofía Wiñazki, from The year 2011 to 2013. For a year she holds an internship in art gallery RG in art, gallery owner Mercedes Rodriguez, as assistant director of the gallery and assistant in the assembly of exhibition. In 2013, he began his technical studies in visual arts at New School of Design and Communication. From the year 2013 to the present realizes the workshop of production of work that dictates Margarita Garcia Faure. In 2014 next to Javier Zeballos create Project ÑU, a space of nomadic art, destined to the emerging visual artists, each edition is realized in a different space this directly related to the art or not, exploiting thus the diversity that allows to extend the possibilities Creative and approach with different scenarios and contexts. The project continues until today. In August of 2015 begins OBRADOR TALLER dictated by Florencia Fernandez Frank and Gabriela Messuti